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Chocolate Cake

Homemade Chocolate Cake from biscuits


Parle G Biscuits (2 packets)
1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder / Drinking Chocolate
1 Litre Milk
6 - 10 tbsp of Sugar
Little Butter
1 packet ENO (Regular)


Break all the biscuits into pieces and grind them all to powder.
Add Sugar and Cocoa powder and stir it.
Add milk and beat it hard to make it the batter (looks very similar to idly/dosa aata). Keep adding milk until it becomes flowy.
Taste once and make sure sugar is little more than the taste you prefer. Keep it for a few mins.
Add eno and stir it again.
Side by side take round plate (thaal or thalli not plate) which has its sides up and not flat.
apply butter all over with all sides. This would make it easy for the cake to come out.
Pour the Batter into the thali and level batter all over. Use a cooker or a vessel where you can get steam. Keep on full flame for about 15 mins. and 5 mins on sim.
Use a knife to poke into the puffed cake. If the knife is clean then your cake ready.
Cool it down and after about 10 mins. Put the cake upside down on the plate.
You can re heat and have with Ice Cream or add chocolate sauce for more garnishing.

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